Looking into the sunset I can’t help but notice
that despite her beauty,
a sense of struggle and hopeless surround the sky .
Deep inside you realize that this day is gone,
and everything that It had brought is lost forever.
Every thought,every action,every dream,every hope,
every sight,every sound is gone.
There is no chance of every being returned the same,
exactly the same.
For every moment has a limit to what it can capture,
Every memory has a limit to what it had retrieve.
And the colours in the sky try to entertain us.
one last act with painted smiles,
for they too know that nothing can be done to save the day.
So futile their attempt to comfort our fear of the night.
our horror as we try to find our way,
like children who wander into a forest and never return.
I am ingratiated by the sunset because of
her sensitivity as she tries to push the darkness
back for just a moment more.
But like so many times before….to no avail!

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